An Italian company, an ambitious project, a result that sets a new benchmark in the world of high-end sports bikes, a new idea of a gravel bike with unique performance.All this is ORNUS, an amazing technological revolution where beauty, function and ethics come together in a perfect synthesis.New because it wasn't there before.

It took years of research into materials technology to make a wooden gravel bicycle.

The wood chosen, having excellent mechanical characteristics, undergoes CNC machining under the supervision of specialised technicians, until it is transformed into very light shells, which are joined and reinforced by patented membrane grafts: it thus becomes the first technological frame made from natural materials.

Evolved Object

ORNUS is an evolved object with a unique design whose light and perfectly connected lines seduce and challenge the most fascinating
gravel bikes of the planet: the perfect symbiosis of form and function, the goal of every designer not only in the sporting world!

"This bicycle is an example of how technology, beauty and sustainability can coexist perfectly. "

Discover Ornus

With its unique design and attention to detail, this bike captures the essence of exploration and adventure on roads less travelled.

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